Food District

The Food District is a specialized service provider to the Food and Beverage sector in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Whatever the stage of your project may be– from a first idea to a fully functioning concept, The Food District can help you see your goals in F&B through. I first worked for the Food District’s client, “Drop Dubai” and later for Food District as Social Media Manager, Content Creator, and copywriter.

Drop Dubai

I worked for drop as a project manager which, once the project was fully established and running, led to me becoming their social media manager, content creator, and communication liaison with their PR team. I focused primarily on creating a young, energetic and, fun loving persona on their social media while retaining the perception of coffee professionalism. Additionally I recruited each member of their team, eventually having a team of 10 personalities from 7 different countries. I wrote and edited all articles, press communications, and media publications for Drop Dubai.

From May 2017 I was tasked with establishing a social media presence for Drop Dubai. By the end of my time with them in December 2017 I had grown their following on instagram from 0 to over 6000, organically. A large part of my strategy was to celebrate the baristas and give them the stage on social media. The aim was to portray the space as a place where you would visit your expert coffee friend who works there and drink the incredible coffees they prepare. We wanted people to arrive at Drop on their first visit and already know the baristas by name

I created regular video content which were predominantly cinemagraphs about the baristas and coffee.

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Espresso = timeless

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I had the task of posting original content daily as well as 3+ original stories daily that communicated the brand’s “cool but humble” energy and aesthetic.


I worked with HEAT for several months in 2017 taking photos of their food and staff. The aim was to inform people that healthy food can also be delicious food as well as showcase the hard working kitchen team.

I was responsible for daily posts, caption writing, community management, and creating 3+ daily instastories.

Origami Sushi

I worked with Origami Sushi for several months in 2017 managing their social media and improving their online imagery, communication, and strategy.

I coordinated several shoots with the kitchen team and customers (models) in order to take photographs that, along with captions, communicated the right message. Origami Sushi is a high end and sophisticated brand that offers a premium sushi product. Our goal was to ensure that through the correct communication the brand didn’t feel out of anyone’s reach regardless of the restraurant’s aesthetic, feel, or price point. Think opulence, but accessible to all.

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