Emirati Coffee

I worked for Emirati Coffee in the capacity of head roaster, quality control, and operations manager. In addition I created a variety of content for Emirati coffee as a photographer, copywriter, and designer.

Emirati Coffee is a young company with a strong and masculine brand. although their image was/is still under constant consideration and development, they have a predominantly black and white aesthetic with splashes of primary and pastel colours.

Website Banners And Page Headers

I was tasked with creating images to be cropped and used as web banners, page headers, and key images on the Emirati Coffee website.

Emirati Coffee Subscription Box

I was tasked with taking promotional shots of the Emirati Coffee Subscription Box for social media-, news letter-, and online use.

Event Product Bifolds

I was asked to create bifold booklets for a coffee producers event using imagery, and amending copy, from each involved farm while still maintaining Emirati Coffee brand integrity.

I created several of these bifolds, each with unique copy, images and flavour profiles.

Label design for packaging and online store

I designed labels for each individual coffee that clearly shares relevant information about the coffee. The label is also easily adaptable for new coffees. I also researched the information on each coffee to verify the details as well as tasted each coffee on an ongoing basis to jot down and refine flavour notes for labelling.

The entry level specialty coffees (scoring 80 – 89) each has a unique colour in-sync with the flavour profile of the coffee. As example, the Costa Rican coffee which tends to be bright in acidity, juicy, and light in mouthfeel has a yellow label assigned to it.

The higher end and more expensive coffees are assigned a white label to signify the purity and cleanliness of these coffees. It is also done in this way to illustrate price differences to retail customers, coloured labels indicating a single price point and white labels indicating another.

These labels were then adapted for web-store and SM use by adding a photo of the farm to the label and cropping them square.

Photo Booth Wall Design

I designed several photo booth walls incorporating the company logo and packaging design elements. These were my favourite three, one of which was printed to be used at events.

Web Copy

Aside from creating virtually all administrative and in-house documentation for Emirati Coffee, I also wrote or edited most of the websit copy.

Brew Guides

I formulated, wrote, and abbreviated the brew guides into a digestible size and format which you can see here.

General content

I wrote several articles for Emirati Coffee blog, 2 of which have been published thus far.

Social Media Content

I created daily educational or promotional posts/stories for their social media in order to position the company as a specialty coffee thought leader in the GCC.