Picture Book

Food And Beverage

Here are some of the photos I took for a few companies I worked for that were food and Beverage based.

Photoshop Edits

I’m learning how to use PhotoShop more creatively. I like to find stock photos and smash them together in an effort to create something striking and seamless. I suppose this is where I’ll keep track of what I’ve done and how I’ve progressed.


I took some photos of my friend Elias for his upcoming album promos.

Casa Del Jol #001

“Casa Del”, Spanish for “House Of”. “Jol”, Colloquial South African Slang for “Party”. This is what we named our home. I took some portraits when we had friends over recently. 99% of them were beautiful but blurry. Here is what was workable.

a Staircase in Bangkok

We found a staircase landing with some furniture in Bangkok. We did a 5 minute shoot for laughs. But I was pleasantly surprised by how the images turned out. The lighting from the windows above created a lovely ethereal effect, giving the images a dreamy quality.